Short Stories

written by David T Douglas

The Bruised Banana

November 2015 – 1,000 words – drama; romance
Feeling dejected about his poor performance on a college exam, a paraplegic man races across campus toward his vehicle. He yearns to hurry home and seclude himself in peace and quiet, but instead, he’s hindered by one impeding stranger after another. Rapidly becoming overwhelmed with anger and resentment, he sees something that will change his life forever. He sees a bruised banana. AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Bruised Banana is a work of fiction, inspired by some real life events during David’s time in college at Arkansas State University.

Forget Me Not

October 2021 – 5,000 words – suspense; mystery; psychological drama
While recovering from a car accident, which caused injuries and memory loss, Mia has been staying with her overprotective boyfriend, Connor, and his eccentric mother, Joanne. However, three days and counting, Mia is beyond ready to go home. Maybe there, she could find a catalyst—something, anything—that will restore her memories. But when Connor refuses her petition to leave, Mia turns to Joanne, and thus begins a New Age ritual, a descent into horror, and a recollection of trauma that Mia may regret uncovering.

The books that I keep by my bed are full of your stories that I drew up from a little dream of mine, a little nightmare of yours.
“Sloom” | Of Monsters and Men