The Turtle Spirit

a poem by David T Douglas

March 6, 2011
The turtle is my spirit animal and it’s easy to tell
Scars from the world blemish my shell
A fondness for water is also a clue
Not just the liquid, the astrological too

I know what it’s like to be flipped on my back
And how hard it is to get back on track
My home will forever be found inside
It’s also the place I retreat and hide

My movements are always cautious and slow
And I find it best to go with the flow
That’s not to say I can’t make decisions
But I rely mostly on my intuitions

It’s my dreams I chase, however slowly
Even if the path is quite lonely
Sometimes I stumble, sometimes I fail
But faith in the heavens helps me prevail

A jade turtle I wear around my neck
An everyday reminder for my continual trek

Lying on my back, I’ll be watching stars collide.
“Shallows” | Daughter