a poem by David T Douglas

August 17, 2014
Sometimes I wonder if you’re still in this world
Are you encumbered, or on the couch curled?
A gift to my life, you, I will always remember
A rival to my heart, no one else a contender
We met not in person, which is a great shame
Perhaps if we did, you would’ve taken my name
Others may not believe how close we felt
You from the North, and me from the Bible Belt
Let them begrudge and spew and moan
You were my friend, when I felt all alone
Both inside and out, a beauty to behold
Unfortunately, our fates had not been foretold
Some truth withheld, no harm intended
Though, our relationship could not be mended
Many moons it took to cease my grieving
Finally I accepted, from my life, you leaving
We both made errors, no one’s at fault
I still hold your name in highest exalt
Were you a projection or were you real?
Does it even matter? I know how I feel
Overall, I want to thank you for helping me through
Some dark times in my life, made better by you