a play by David T Douglas

Length: 13 minutes
Genre: suspense, dark comedy
Cast: 1 man, 2 women
Setting: a living room
Toby tells Amber of the dark figure he has repeatedly encountered since the death of his previous girlfriend. Amber offers a logical explanation, but Toby knows what he saw. And what he saw, moments ago, was the mysterious figure lurking outside Amber’s window.
Production History
  • August 16–25, 2019 – production
    • Java Scripts: Short Works Festival – Sundown Collaborative Theatre (Denton, TX)
      • TOBY – Kurt Van Zandt
      • AMBER – Julia Bodiford
      • HIM – Brandy Townsend
      Directed by David T Douglas

  • May 18, 2019 – staged reading
    • Stage Writers Festival – Stage Writers (Dallas, TX)
      • TOBY – Matthew Martinez
      • AMBER – Gina Nelson
      • HIM – Audrey Ero
      Directed by David T Douglas

  • October 17, 2018 – original draft completed