written by David T Douglas

Purple-Eyed Teddy

120 minutes – mystery/suspense – 4M / 3W
Hired to investigate the rumors of an illegal auction, private detective Max Callahan travels to a small city on the edge of a dark, magical forest, where he must unravel a web of lies—and spin a few of his own—to discover the truth behind an incident that has resulted in at least two murders. Inspired by the playwright’s love of 1950’s film noir, Purple-Eyed Teddy is a modern suspenseful drama, filled with twists, romance, and intrigue.
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90 minutes – suspense/thriller – 5M / 1W
Over a year ago, Trip beat the odds, winning more than money at a high-stakes poker game. Now, hosting a game of his own, he is again challenged by the same disrespectful, sore loser of an opponent. As cards are dealt, so too are old accusations, and, before long, the bitter rivalry erupts beyond the felt. It’s hearts versus diamonds, and the winner takes all—but this is no regular game of chance. In fact, everything has been carefully planned, yet no one predicted the cards fate has up its sleeve.
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The Doll

20 minutes – drama – 3M / 3W
Bullied, friendless, and neglected by her mother, Alma goes through the motions of teenage life. But, when her life is suddenly thrown into chaos, she has nowhere to turn except to a man who has offered her a modeling job.


13 minutes – suspense, dark comedy – 1M / 2W
Toby tells Amber of the dark figure he has repeatedly encountered since the death of his previous girlfriend. Amber offers a logical explanation, but Toby knows what he saw. And what he saw, moments ago, was the mysterious figure lurking outside Amber’s window.

The Bruised Banana

10 minutes – drama, romance – 1M / 1W
Feeling dejected about his poor performance on a college exam, a paraplegic man races across campus toward his vehicle. He yearns to hurry home and seclude himself in peace and quiet, but instead, he’s hindered by one impeding stranger after another. Rapidly becoming overwhelmed with anger and resentment, he sees something that will change his life forever. He sees a bruised banana.

New Experiences

10 minutes – romance, comedy – 1M / 1W
It’s an average morning. Manny is just returning home, Dawn is running late for a yoga class, and their marriage is in a rut. What they need are new experiences.

Broken Sidewalks

1 minute – drama – 1M / 1W
On his way to the theatre, Andy is jarred out of his wheelchair by a broken sidewalk.