Frequently Asked Questions

What is your writing process?

First, I need a story idea. The best ideas are the stubborn ones. The ones that have popped into my mind and refuse to leave. Whether I’m eating, driving, or even watching YouTube, they’re always clamoring for my attention. These stubborn ideas will eventually become populated with characters, a setting, and an overall plot. Once this occurs, I have no choice but to turn the idea into a written work, which could be a novel, short story, and/or play—whatever format suits the story. Then, I begin brainstorming. I determine how many characters are needed for the story, their function to the story, and their basic traits. Also, I create an outline and define where the story should start and presumably end. Afterwards, I write a couple of scenes to get a feel for the characters, world, and overall story, then I fill in the gaps in the outline. As I write the story, the plot and characters always veer away from the outline, which is absolutely fine, because that’s how unexpected, exciting moments are formed. Ultimately, the draft is completed, and many revisions follow. Additionally, I will seek critiques on many scenes/chapters as I finish them, then I seek additional feedback once the entire draft is completed.

What kinds of stories—in print, on stage, on screen—interest you the most?

Regarding theatre, I once told someone: “I don’t care for Shakespeare, musicals, or comedies.” In shock, the person replied: “What else is there?!” My answer: “The good stuff!

In my own writing, I love combining the genres of mystery, thriller, and romance, because those are the stories I love. I also love emotional drama. My absolute favorites are stories that rip the heart from my chest, stomp on it several times, and leave it on the floor, barely beating; then, at the end, I’m forced to scoop it up, stuff it back inside my chest, and dry my eyes. So, to me, the best stories are an emotional experience—not just a “casual” read or viewing. As such, my favorite playwrights are Sam Shepard and Tennessee Williams. Additionally, I’ve been a lifelong fan of the horror genre.

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